The Tale of BelSteven and Elo

And so it begins!

Year 173 AK, Summer Rise 25
Élothuir Vatariel, a half-Elf Druid and Belsteven, an Elven Wizard, stood outside the entrance to a cavern with their animal companion Beelo and familiar Raven, respectively, in the dazzling afternoon sun. It was not hard to find, as it was directly south of their home in the forest. After reading the message above the entrance, the group entered. In the entrance hall, they noticed a large statue of an angry Elven Druid and his crab companion. Instead of entering the opening to their left, however, the elves realized there was a hidden entryway behind the large statue. Together, they pushed it aside, revealing a wooden door!

Beelo entered first, sniffing around what appeared to be a living quarters of some fashion, including a desk, a bed, a rug, and a bookshelf. When the elves noticed some movement from the pile of books, Élo called Beelo back, but not quickly enough to prevent an encounter with some animated books! The elves and the animals destroyed the books and explored the room. Élo took the diary off the desk and began reading. Both searched the book pile, finding information on Elementals and medicines. Belsteven lifted the rug to find a trapdoor, and the lamp on the desk was acquired. They went through the door at the opposite side of the room to find rocks everywhere, a smashed table at one side, and a hole where another door used to be. They turned one of the table legs into a torch and headed back to the entryway, going the way they’d ignored upon entering. They came upon a large chasm, with a door on the other side.



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