The Tale of BelSteven and Elo

Gathering the hunters I

Year 173 AK Summer Rise 26

Belsteven awoke, performed research, and prepared his spells before moving to leave his room as a note slipped under his door: a note from his master, Humfrey, giving a list of natural materials Belsteven would need to collect before returning: Poisonous tentacles, mundane animal fur, molten slag, and a krenshar fang. Belsteven headed to Élo’s house to get assistance with his task, but as they headed out to leave the village, Latula Libris, Captain of the Hunters returned with only about half of the hunting party in various states of well-being. Lahlia greeted her sister and led the group back, beckoning the two male elves to join them.

Within the Great Tree, Old Friend tasked Belsteven and Élothuir with retrieving the missing Hunters. They retorted, Élo knowing about the Bullette, and Belsteven extremely put off by the demonic fang that Latula had found in the forest and brought back with the group. Old Friend made it clear that there was no one else qualified enough to perform such tasks, and his insistence caused the elves to realize how important it was to keep the problem hushed. They were given the Hunter’s Mark, a badge that could magically locate relative positions of other distressed Hunters. Incredibly displeased, but knowing they could knock out two birds with one stone, they left the village.

Dire Weasel Fight-

Dryad/Fungus Fight-



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