The Tale of BelSteven and Elo

Gathering the hunters II

Lemure Fight- As Belsteven and Élo arrived at an area of small tributaries of water, they saw one of the Hunters kneeled near the water’s edge. They questioned her, and she began ranting about how the water will protect them, the water is their savior, etc. Clearly addled, they again thought of bringing her home personally, but they began smelling burning. They turned around to discover what appeared to be molten humans, actively burning their way towards them. Everyone quickly splashed their way into the shallow water, preventing their enemies’ advances and allowing them to destroy the devils. Belsteven and Élo splashed some water on the piles of molten sludge and collected some of it to return to Humfrey. The hunter was soon recovered and headed back to Lorrel.

Krenshar Fight- The elves walked through the trees and noticed one of the Hunters approaching a ravine. As he prepared to jump over the edge, they called to him, easing him away from the drop. Just as they pulled him away, they heard growls from the other side. Looking up, they saw what looked like an oddly colored panther. It was a Krenshar that Belsteven had researched when reading his list. It jumped over the gap, engaging them, while others hiding in the trees prepared to ambush them. While Élo fought, Belsteven and Beelo were in the back lines and were jumped as the beasts bared their skulls. Despite the separation, the party was victorious over the beasts, collecting the appropriate materials for Humfrey and pointing the Hunter back towards Lorel.



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