The Tale of BelSteven and Elo

Scene of Arrival
The Cathedral of Irony

After finally passing over the see-saw trap, the three adventurers prepared to continue down the hallway. Before they got very far, they saw shifting in the ceiling above their heads. They drew their weapons, cautious, just in time for a hand to latch onto Elo’s neck! He managed to detach it, and the three killed one of the two strange creatures. They proceeded down the hallway, coming upon a chapel of some sort, when the second beast snatched Ricben’s throat. The pitiful creature was swiftly destroyed by the party.

They turned back to the chapel. (EXPLORATION)

They were about to exit, somewhat defeated, when Ricben very simply pointed out that, in the darkness, he saw a hole in the wall. The three approached and entered.

Ricben's tale
Fathers and Friends

After a long search, Belsteven and Élothuir came upon the area with the last two blips on their radar. They found themselves at the ridge of a short cliff, with a ruined angel statue at the base. A distance away, they could see two men facing off against a baby Bullette. As Belsteven worked his way around the sloping sides, Élothuir and Beelo climbed straight down. Right before the beast charged the two men, Belsteven distracted it with a well-placed spell. The Bullette then turned its attention to our heroes, charging, and missing completely, ramming into the cliff face. Belsteven and Élothuir fought valiantly, with Beelo taking some massive damage in the process, and Élo almost passing out. A few well placed arrow shots from the Hunter who wasn’t unconscious gave the heroes the edge they needed to defeat the young beast.

Ensuring they weren’t completely defeated, health-wise, our heroes moved carefully towards the Hunters, their suspicions confirmed: they were their fathers, Belsteven’s unconscious and Élo’s keeping the other safe. They had defeated the Bullette mother, her carcass lying next to the group. They asked Crothuin if he had seen the young beast’s red eyes, and he responded that they had. They also asked about the other Hunters’ confusions, and the only sense Crothuin could make of it was that they had been frightened magically somehow. As they all planned to head home, they heard a terrible laugh from a nearby ledge.

An inelven beast stood before them, with black, scaly skin, curved horns, and red orbs for eyes, with a large tail protruding from under his dark cloak and a black circlet holding its black hair in place. He taunted the group, and when they stood against him, he flung the fathers aside into a nearby tree. He summoned skeletons from the ground, and as Belsteven fended them off, Élo moved to revive their fathers, but a wave of the creature’s hand and a glow of his circlet trapped the older elves in a tight cage of bones. The skeletons fell quickly at the hands of the angry elves, only piquing the monster’s interest. As he prepared to attack, the sky opened up above them, and something hurtled toward the ground, destroying the mother Bullette carcass as it landed.

Whatever it was rose to its feet, pulling its sword out of the ground and effectively looking like a mirror image of the beast already before them. Maroon flesh, curved horns, silver orbs for eyes, purple hair, and a (now gore-covered) cloak flowing in the breeze. The two creatures began shouting at each other, switching between languages as they went. They eventually transitioned into common long enough for the newest arrival to tell them to run. After a hesitation and a promise that he would defend their fathers, Belsteven and Élo tried to flee. The dark one seemed to disappear before the red one’s eyes, reappearing only a few feet in front of the fleeing elves. They were caught in the middle, and the one behind them reluctantly requested the assistance of these “Champions of Good” as the one in front of them warned of harm to their fathers if they stood against him. At first, they merely stood aside as the two began to duel, but they quickly realized who was in the right, and they both summoned creatures to assist the maroon stranger. Despite heavy blows and strange magic channeled through his sword, the dark one was forced to retreat, again disappearing before reappearing near Crothuin and Alendri’s cage. He taunted them one last time before disappearing with the elves in a black and purple cloud.

The stranger fell to the ground, barely conscious. The elves helped him lean against a tree as they introduced themselves. He called himself Ricben Coilbone, and the other Megido. He refused much assistance, insisting he would be fine. The elves tried speaking in Elven to discuss what to do about this stranger, but he began conversing in their language fluently. Confused, they pressed the issue, and when they mentioned bringing him home to Old Friend, he jumped at the chance, as if he knew the old elf. Brimming with questions, but insisting that he would explain everything in time, they brought him home.
they talk to Ricben, they go home.

Gathering the hunters II

Lemure Fight- As Belsteven and Élo arrived at an area of small tributaries of water, they saw one of the Hunters kneeled near the water’s edge. They questioned her, and she began ranting about how the water will protect them, the water is their savior, etc. Clearly addled, they again thought of bringing her home personally, but they began smelling burning. They turned around to discover what appeared to be molten humans, actively burning their way towards them. Everyone quickly splashed their way into the shallow water, preventing their enemies’ advances and allowing them to destroy the devils. Belsteven and Élo splashed some water on the piles of molten sludge and collected some of it to return to Humfrey. The hunter was soon recovered and headed back to Lorrel.

Krenshar Fight- The elves walked through the trees and noticed one of the Hunters approaching a ravine. As he prepared to jump over the edge, they called to him, easing him away from the drop. Just as they pulled him away, they heard growls from the other side. Looking up, they saw what looked like an oddly colored panther. It was a Krenshar that Belsteven had researched when reading his list. It jumped over the gap, engaging them, while others hiding in the trees prepared to ambush them. While Élo fought, Belsteven and Beelo were in the back lines and were jumped as the beasts bared their skulls. Despite the separation, the party was victorious over the beasts, collecting the appropriate materials for Humfrey and pointing the Hunter back towards Lorel.

Gathering the hunters I

Year 173 AK Summer Rise 26

Belsteven awoke, performed research, and prepared his spells before moving to leave his room as a note slipped under his door: a note from his master, Humfrey, giving a list of natural materials Belsteven would need to collect before returning: Poisonous tentacles, mundane animal fur, molten slag, and a krenshar fang. Belsteven headed to Élo’s house to get assistance with his task, but as they headed out to leave the village, Latula Libris, Captain of the Hunters returned with only about half of the hunting party in various states of well-being. Lahlia greeted her sister and led the group back, beckoning the two male elves to join them.

Within the Great Tree, Old Friend tasked Belsteven and Élothuir with retrieving the missing Hunters. They retorted, Élo knowing about the Bullette, and Belsteven extremely put off by the demonic fang that Latula had found in the forest and brought back with the group. Old Friend made it clear that there was no one else qualified enough to perform such tasks, and his insistence caused the elves to realize how important it was to keep the problem hushed. They were given the Hunter’s Mark, a badge that could magically locate relative positions of other distressed Hunters. Incredibly displeased, but knowing they could knock out two birds with one stone, they left the village.

Dire Weasel Fight-

Dryad/Fungus Fight-

Home at last
And so it begins!

Year 173 AK, Summer Rise 25
Élothuir Vatariel, a half-Elf Druid and Belsteven, an Elven Wizard, stood outside the entrance to a cavern with their animal companion Beelo and familiar Raven, respectively, in the dazzling afternoon sun. It was not hard to find, as it was directly south of their home in the forest. After reading the message above the entrance, the group entered. In the entrance hall, they noticed a large statue of an angry Elven Druid and his crab companion. Instead of entering the opening to their left, however, the elves realized there was a hidden entryway behind the large statue. Together, they pushed it aside, revealing a wooden door!

Beelo entered first, sniffing around what appeared to be a living quarters of some fashion, including a desk, a bed, a rug, and a bookshelf. When the elves noticed some movement from the pile of books, Élo called Beelo back, but not quickly enough to prevent an encounter with some animated books! The elves and the animals destroyed the books and explored the room. Élo took the diary off the desk and began reading. Both searched the book pile, finding information on Elementals and medicines. Belsteven lifted the rug to find a trapdoor, and the lamp on the desk was acquired. They went through the door at the opposite side of the room to find rocks everywhere, a smashed table at one side, and a hole where another door used to be. They turned one of the table legs into a torch and headed back to the entryway, going the way they’d ignored upon entering. They came upon a large chasm, with a door on the other side.


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