Brief Timeline

Time of the Ancients→ Era of Chaos → Years of the Kingdom → The Wars → AK (Years After the King), aka The Peace

History Summary

The Time of the Ancients is a general term referring to “Before Time,” the history of the land of Termania so long ago that even the best scholars don’t know enough about to call it anything else. It is said that Ancients created this land, their purpose unclear. Over time, the Ancients and their language disappeared from this world, leaving the creatures remaining to fend for themselves. For a while, the mentality of every creature was bestial, races destroying themselves and each other for resources. This Era of Chaos continued until small groups of Humans, Elves, and Gnomes began meeting peacefully, realizing they could learn from each other instead of plundering from the others. They began meeting more and more often, building homes and outposts and creating civilization. Though roving bands of pillagers continued, Civilization as we know it began to take shape. It was decided that the leader(s) of this new civilization would need to understand ALL of its members, and the three races decided that the best way for this to occur was to have more than one leader. One would be King, one would be Counselor, and one would be Enforcer, with each race’s representative being a descendant of the original bands. A Human was chosen to be the first King of Termania, an Elf the first Counselor, and a Gnome the first Enforcer. A cycle was determined in which, when the present position-holder passed from this life, the next race in the cycle would take their place (Human→Elf→Gnome).

The Years of the Kingdom were varied, sometimes incredibly prosperous, sometimes terrible, and cities and towns within the Kingdom rose and fell, but the Castle always stood, a symbol of unity between the three races, a symbol of fear for those who opposed them. During this time, creatures of the Forests and Seas began showing interest in civilization and sent diplomats to the castle. Centaurs, Minotaurs, Merpeople and others were seeking assistance, recognition, and prosperity. Termania, as a whole, was a good place to live. Then a Human got greedy. A King who was once kind and fair broke his contract with his companions and his people, instigating the death of his Elven Counselor, his Gnomish Counselor to follow, and his Gnomish Enforcer. The people were outraged, calling for his dethroning, but with the entire Consul on his side, the King was protected. War broke out across the land, some taking advantage of the confusion, others hoping to just protect their homes. A few years passed this way, until the news spread throughout the kingdom that the entire consul had been killed by the King’s house-boy, caught holding a dagger while standing over the King’s body.

Fighting quickly ceased. The three elves who came to power realized that the Kingdom, as it was intended, was over, the peoples’ trust in the Throne, and many Humans, gone, and the Gnomes in hiding. The elves determined to dissolve the Kingdom as the center of power, spreading the authority to the regions and their leaders before stepping down and leaving the castle to be plundered and destroyed.

The regions of Termania have had over 100 years of tense peace. In the West, the creatures of the Forest and the Plains have divided themselves into sub-regions, with the main power centers divided between Cyrill for the Humans in the south and the forest creatures creating small villages of their own in the north. In the Center, the Castle has fallen into ruin in the north, while the towns of the south around the guard of the Scimitar Mountains are led by a Lord. The East has been lost to communication, but worrisome rumors are spreading about a plague, the forests, and the Elves.


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