Magic Items

This page is under construction. As more information is gathered, so too with this Journal of Magic Items be filled.

Beyond simple enchantments, there are items out there in the Astral Sea that are essentially unique. These items have legends attached to them, and the pursuer must be strong and smart if they hope to acquire this treasure. They may be hiding in dungeons, or temples, or caverns, or forests. Someone may have stolen them, or is currently wielding one. Go well, and collect safely.

Deck of Many Things

A deck that holds much power. Within the wooden box is a deck of Tarot cards, each possessing various enchantments that, once drawn, immediately affect whoever draws the card. The card is then returned to the deck, without fail, for another poor victim or lucky player. Its current whereabouts are unknown. Ricben Coilbone mentioned that it is currently held by an elderly hooded figure of questionable background.

Scribing Beetle

A possibly-unique enchanted golden-beetle, paired with a purple quill. Once attuned to the wearer, the beetle will “listen” to what is going on around the wearer, recording the situation through the quill. As long as parchment is readily available, the quill will continue to write. Attunement takes 24 hours, and every 24 hours the quill must be refilled with Black Beetle Blood. For those who are squeamish, the quill transmutes the blood into traditional black ink at a command word. This item was created by Humfrey the Neutral and is currently worn as a cloak clasp by Belsteven, his ward and apprentice.

Self-Drawing Map

A map that is imbued with enchantments that allow it to fill itself. Generally not amenable to open environments, due to its limited size, though it is possible that magical enhancements could allow for it. Elven magic-users have created these and profit from their trade with the Centaurs, who use the maps for specific hunting grounds, and Humans, who have a variety of uses. Each Map can hold 3 maps, changing its view with a command word. They are currently for sale in Lorel and Belsteven and √Člothuir Vatariel are in possession of one.

Hunter’s Mark

A badge given to the Hunters of Lorel. It is enchanted with Divination magic to reveal the relative positions of other Hunters in distress. As long as they possess a Mark, Hunters can check locations at any time simply by holding the Mark horizontally and focusing. Marks appear as blips, with the center of the Mark being the holder’s current location. The Mark belonging to Latula Libris is currently in possession of √Člothuir. All other Hunters possess their own.


A Fine Fire Iron Irony Blade, forged with the sole purpose of IRONY. Forged of Cold Iron, but inlaid with Fire enchantments, a work of beauty. She was named by the forger upon completion, by the IRONIC name of Dirk. Currently in possession of Belsteven the Wizard.

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Magic Items

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