The planes of existence are where life comes into being. Each has its own unique qualities, housing creatures that are best suited to existence there. Being able to move between the planes requires much skill, as to do so one must sail through the Astral Sea, find Connection Points between their current Plane and the destination Plane, or use extremely strong magics to push themselves through. All are dangerous for their own reasons (pirates, unknown dump spots, and unreliable/dangerous spellworks, respectively), and as such most Termanian knowledge about the planes is second-hand, passed down through books or word-of-mouth. Listed here is what any character with basic Planar knowledge would know or could easily find in the correct books.

Material Plane

“Everything the light touches,” so to speak. The Material Plane is the home plane of many creatures of various shapes, sizes, and affiliations, both magical and mundane. The most diverse plane, with the most predictable rules. Gravity, air, land, water, all of the things one associates with all forms of life are present in abundance… As long as the balance is maintained.

Astral Plane

The plane of the gods, and the plane of most interest to those of Divine callings. Difficult to reach, unless invited or sent.

Ethereal Plane

A parallel plane to the Material Plane. Here, those who wish to walk along the living without all the pesky issues of “living” may exist peacefully. Easy to access, with the proper magics. To transition between the two, landmarks are the key, as it is easy to glide past your destination in the Ethereal haze.

Elemental Planes

The planes in this section are divided by their core element, housing unique creatures. These planes are of particular interest to those who dabble in the Arcane arts.


A land of heat and flame, Fire Elementals and Mephits reside here in comfort.


A land of rock and dirt, Earth Elementals and Mephits make their homes here.


A land of ice and seas, Water Elementals and Mephits find the regions most suitable to their preferences.


A land of sky and wind, Air Elementals and Mephits float peacefully through the clouds.

Aligned Planes

The planes in this section are divided by the two Alignment spectra, constructs that guide the creatures throughout the Astral Sea. Though anything can exist in these planes, only those who fall into the correct ideologies can live in each plane comfortably.





Void Plane

A legendary plane of questionable existence. The information known of it is old and nearly completely rumor, as very few people have ever seen, studied, or escaped from the Void, as it is called. The void is dark, eerily so, and only certain magical lights may pierce it. Shadows of those it swallows up are said to reside there, creating more Shadows. There are two known ways of escaping: The way you entered, or death. Rumor has it there are three warriors who have braved a portion of it, but hearsay is a dangerous thing…


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